Who is my neighbour? Chances are, it’s someone like myself: an old person if I’m old, a young person if I’m young. And as new research from the Intergenerational Foundation shows, that’s not a good thing. Read More →

“How much does it cost?”

I’m at Oxford City Council’s Older People’s Day on 30th September, encouraging older people to take up table tennis. I know they’ll want to know that they can afford it.

For Cowley Table Tennis it’s great value at £2 an hour or £3 for two hours, tea and biscuits included. But it’s not only about money. Whether it’s table tennis or any other activity, if we want older people to be more active, we need to think about what other costs are involved. Read More →

So, London’s first luxury retirement village has opened. Fancy moving in? OK, apartments start at £650k plus £1000 a month service charge, but look at those amenities!

I can see the attraction of living among people of the same generation. We feel comfortable with people like ourselves, who know the same song lyrics and remember slide-rules. Who’ve lived through the same historical events. Who organise their days in a similar way. But is segregating elderly people really the way forward? Read More →

“Children are the future” “Catch them when they’re young”

How often do you hear statements like these? They’re common in the church, where clergy complain that “my church is full of old women”. Yes, yes, of course the elderly are valued members, they add, but what we REALLY want is young people.

Similarly, the chair of Table Tennis England recently wrote that “The future of our sport lies in young hands”. She acknowledged the valuable contribution of older people who make up the bulk of Table Tennis England membership, however … there was a “however”, it’s young people who are the future. Read More →