The feminists who made waves in the 70s and 80s are ageing, and some of them are talking publicly about it. Lynne Segal gives her perspective in Out of Time: The Pleasures and the Perils of Ageing.

She ponders the question “how should we live our lives?” A question just as relevant in old age, which, she says, “should be posed so long as we are still capable of asking it.”

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“Children are the future” “Catch them when they’re young”

How often do you hear statements like these? They’re common in the church, where clergy complain that “my church is full of old women”. Yes, yes, of course the elderly are valued members, they add, but what we REALLY want is young people.

Similarly, the chair of Table Tennis England recently wrote that “The future of our sport lies in young hands”. She acknowledged the valuable contribution of older people who make up the bulk of Table Tennis England membership, however … there was a “however”, it’s young people who are the future. Read More →

Have you heard of helicopter parents?

You know the sort of behaviour. It’s parents who can’t stop organising their offspring’s lives right through childhood and teenage years and who keep swooping in to solve problems even after those children become adults. Extreme cases even interfere with job interviews.

Helicopter parents find it hard to let their children take risks, make their own mistakes and live their own lives.

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