Something magical happens when we get old. We automatically become wise.

I’d like to think that old age stereotype was true. Certainly by the time we reach our sixties, there’s a mass of knowledge and experience crammed into our brains. But does that make us wise? Read More →

The best kept secret of old age: no, not how to avoid wrinkles, they come with the territory. But the fact that it can be an exciting, liberating place to be.

Not for everyone. Bad stuff happens and sometimes it overwhelms us. We need to hear the voices of those who suffer in old age and address their health and social needs.

But at the same time, we need to hear the voices which reflect the joy of later life. That it is possible to grow and thrive, and to enjoy being older. Read More →

Have you heard of helicopter parents?

You know the sort of behaviour. It’s parents who can’t stop organising their offspring’s lives right through childhood and teenage years and who keep swooping in to solve problems even after those children become adults. Extreme cases even interfere with job interviews.

Helicopter parents find it hard to let their children take risks, make their own mistakes and live their own lives.

And that’s exactly what helicopter children do with elderly parents. Read More →