So when are you going to retire? My husband’s just taken early retirement, and we’re the same age, so it’s natural for people to ask.

Never, I used to say. As a writer, I can carry on for as long as health and desire allow. I want to be like novelist Ursula Holden who wrote in The Author about how, at 91 and in a care home, she set aside an hour a day to write, despite exhaustion and arthritic hands.

But I have to admit it’s got me thinking. Read More →

Do you have to be over a certain age to do theology?

“Theology cannot be taught to anyone under the age of thirty”, according to theologian John Fenton. “They haven’t had enough experience of sin, despair, failure and desolation.”

I can hear the arguments already: plenty of young people know despair these days, and many do engage with theology. But my own experience proves he had a point. Read More →

Do you think people’s abilities are permanently fixed? Or do you think that everyone can improve and change?

When it comes to training and coaching others, I definitely have what Carol Dweck calls a “growth mindset”. I passionately believe in helping people to develop their skills and abilities.

Personally, though, I have what she calls a “fixed mindset”. This is not good! Here’s why: Read More →