So, London’s first luxury retirement village has opened. Fancy moving in? OK, apartments start at £650k plus £1000 a month service charge, but look at those amenities!

I can see the attraction of living among people of the same generation. We feel comfortable with people like ourselves, who know the same song lyrics and remember slide-rules. Who’ve lived through the same historical events. Who organise their days in a similar way. But is segregating elderly people really the way forward? Read More →

“Middle-age begins at 60, say researchers”. That’s what a recent Times headline claimed.

Sadly, the research the report was based on said no such thing. Nor did it back up the Daily Telegraph’s headline, “baby boomers refuse to grow old”. Instead, the study argues that people should be seen as old when they are in their last 10-15 years of life based on average life expectancy, rather than when they reach 65. In the UK this is currently around 79 years for men and 82 for women. (Expectations that it will keep rising have been recently dented.)

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“All I know is it changes me, just seeing that there can be changes in later life, that the possibility of change, of creating and re-creating your life is never ending. It has nothing to do with age.”

Betty Friedan’s The Fountain of Age is an important, wise, inspiring book, first published in 1993. It’s wide-ranging, well-researched and packed with stories and data. It is also 654 pages long.

I’ve read it so you don’t have to!

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