Privacy notice

This privacy notice applies to any data I collect in relation to my freelance writing and speaking.

  • If you have contacted me in relation to my speaking, writing or book sales, I will have your contact details and correspondence. This data is held on a password protected computer, and I will not share it with any outside organisation or individuals without your consent, unless it is already in the public domain. I do not collect any other personal data
  • I have shredded and/or deleted from my computer all confidential material related to work consultancy and coaching clients with whom I’m no longer working. Confidential material relevant to current work is stored securely on my computer or under lock and key.
  • I will respond to requests to see and/or delete any personal data I hold as soon as possible, and within one month of receiving such a request.

If you have any concerns not addressed by the above, please let me know.

In addition to my freelance work: