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This page gives access to free eBooks of talks and comment pieces I’ve written. These are mostly from the period when I worked in the Diocese of Oxford, and cover parenting, theology and women in the church.

Still Becoming: An Introduction (Draft)IMG_0672

I drafted this Introduction principally to show it’s a big enough subject area to make an interesting book. It will change a lot as I do the research and discover what I think. But it shows the areas I want to cover, and I’d welcome feedback on which of them rings bells for you.

Praying the news

Dublin hunger

A friend’s Facebook comment on the awfulness of so many current news stories led me to look out and slightly update this talk I gave to a Lent group at St Mary’s Iffley in April 2001 on how Christians should respond to the news. (A shorter version, including reflections on 9/11, appeared in the Church Times in 2002)


Being lay

A piece I wrote looking at what women’s ordination in the Church of England meant for lay women working for the church, 10 years on. I wonder what, if anything, is different for lay women 20 years on?

Stumbling, Swearing, Trudgingmessiahs

This is a copy of a talk I gave on the theology which inspired Messiahs Don’t Fly

SONY DSCThe Shepherd Who Couldn’t Give a Lamb

A (very) short Christmas story, originally published in the Oxford Diocesan newspaper The Door in 2000. The shepherd’s boss turns up at the stable, but has he got eyes to see what’s really going on?

can parents shadowCan parents be forgiven

Originally published in 1994 as Chapter Ten of my book Reconstructing Family Values, this critique of Christian self-help thinking about relationships between adult children and parents covers such topics as: the legacy of childhood, parental imperfections, whether it’s always right or possible to forgive damage done by parents, and what it really means to “Honour your father and mother.