I’m guest-posting today on K M Weiland’s fantastic Helping Writers Become Authors website. Read the full post here, and have a look round her website. It’s one of the best resources for writers out there. 

My piece looks at WHY we write, and how identifying what most satisfies us about writing helps us to find the right support and to understand what holds us back. Leave your comments there about what motivates you to write.

Who’s in charge, the elephant or the rider? These riders look perfectly in control, despite elephants being such large, smart, powerful creatures. But for Jonathan Haidt in The Righteous Mind, the image of riders and elephants describes how human beings think. And it’s the elephants who come out on top.

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Inequality is in the news again this week, with Oxfam’s headline about 85 people owning half of global wealth. There are plenty of stories highlighting increased inequalities in pay. For example, in 1980, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies got nearly 10 times the pay of their average employee. In 2007 that had gone up to… Read More →