Do you have to be over a certain age to do theology?

“Theology cannot be taught to anyone under the age of thirty”, according to theologian John Fenton. “They haven’t had enough experience of sin, despair, failure and desolation.”

I can hear the arguments already: plenty of young people know despair these days, and many do engage with theology. But my own experience proves he had a point. Read More →

Do you think people’s abilities are permanently fixed? Or do you think that everyone can improve and change?

When it comes to training and coaching others, I definitely have what Carol Dweck calls a “growth mindset”. I passionately believe in helping people to develop their skills and abilities.

Personally, though, I have what she calls a “fixed mindset”. This is not good! Here’s why: Read More →

Oh the irony. I was planning this piece on multi-tasking while having a shower and washing my hair. Then exited the shower having forgotten to rinse off the conditioner.

Musing on the irony of this, I then made tea for two, even though I’m the only one here.

Proof that when you’re thinking really hard about one thing, your mind cannot also be properly on a different task. Read More →

Spicy prawns? Yuk! I hate anything spicy and as to fishy, rubbery prawns … eurgh! We can agree to differ over our taste in food, but what about our moral tastes?

We all have the same five taste receptors on our tongues, but the culture we grow up in, our childhood eating habits and eating experiences all influence what food we enjoy and what disgusts us. What if all human beings also share innate “moral receptors”, but culture, childhood and experience lead us to make different moral judgements? Read More →