Pensioner-friendly roundabouts could replace dangerous T junctions says the Daily Telegraph headline. It’s reporting recommendations from the Older Drivers Taskforce which include more use of segregated slip roads, more visible signage and more traffic lights at crossroads.

It’s a logical step, given there could be 8.5 million drivers aged 70 or older in 20 years time. Why not make the roads safer for everyone with simple adaptations?

But I suspect the main reaction to making roads safer for older drivers will be, “if they can’t cope, they shouldn’t drive at all”.  Read More →

Three positively-presented stories about ageing caught my eye today. Playgrounds for the elderly. Vogue’s 100 yr-old model. And the secret of youth discovered (again). Or as the BBC puts it, scientists discover why some “retain their youthful looks” and some “age badly”. Erm, losing youthful looks is not “ageing badly”, it’s normal! Looking old is not a crime. Read More →

Something magical happens when we get old. We automatically become wise.

I’d like to think that old age stereotype was true. Certainly by the time we reach our sixties, there’s a mass of knowledge and experience crammed into our brains. But does that make us wise? Read More →