Someone’s playing ping-pong…

Someone’s playing games…

Tanni Lydd has given up caring that her father disappeared when she was born. That is, until new boyfriend Jez Morley nags her to track him down and miraculously turns up a clue which puts her on his trail.

But Jez is a professional table tennis player who spins and deceives for a living, and soon Tanni is convinced he’s playing games off the table too. As the spins and deceptions get ever closer to home, what once seemed a game threatens to turn their lives upside down.

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I really enjoyed Doubles … I was engaged by the main characters, loved your wit and humour, the naughty bits,  and the sustained dialogue. 

As with all your books, one element I enjoyed a great deal is that it is quietly, unobtrusively, different from all the other books I’ve read. It’s something about your penchant for  writing an absorbing narrative of (what seems like) normal life, with ordinary human beings (if anyone is ordinary) trying to be and do their best, in a less than ideal world. I enjoyed the glimpses of the world of competitive sport as well (and I’m not usually  into sport), with its pitiless demands and cruel choices, usually faced by young people with little experience and maturity to help them survive.

Congratulations, Doubles is a really great read.

Doubles is very good indeed, quite gripping in the mystery and suspense it built up. I will definitely recommend it to my friends!