The best kept secret of old age: no, not how to avoid wrinkles, they come with the territory. But the fact that it can be an exciting, liberating place to be.

Not for everyone. Bad stuff happens and sometimes it overwhelms us. We need to hear the voices of those who suffer in old age and address their health and social needs.

But at the same time, we need to hear the voices which reflect the joy of later life. That it is possible to grow and thrive, and to enjoy being older. Read More →

What better place to play table tennis than in a church? In the summer, I spent long hours invigilating exams in Temple Cowley United Reformed Church, and couldn’t help thinking what a good venue it would be for table-tennis – with the added advantage that it’s three minutes walk from home. So here we are four months later with Cowley Table Tennis offering weekly morning sessions for over-50s and evening ones for all-comers.

The building is a church on Sundays and hired to various organisations in the week. The table-tennis has nothing to do with the church other than it being a wonderful venue for our five tables. Nothing, except in my own mind. Because I have to admit feeling a teeny bit sacrilegious when I first placed our box of nets, bats and balls on the communion table. Read More →

Do you have to be over a certain age to do theology?

“Theology cannot be taught to anyone under the age of thirty”, according to theologian John Fenton. “They haven’t had enough experience of sin, despair, failure and desolation.”

I can hear the arguments already: plenty of young people know despair these days, and many do engage with theology. But my own experience proves he had a point. Read More →